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General Terms & Conditions

1. Quote is valid only for 10 days only and the prices quoted are not fixed and it can be changed from time to time based on prevailing market situation.
2. Trucks & Trailers will be provided on availability.
3. Credit facility will be provided if the chamber attested credit application is provided.
4. The prices given excludes VAT.
5. The prices given are for one-point loading and one-point offloading only, any extra loading or offloading point, the same will be charged on mutual consent as and when required.
6. Booking of Truck should be made 1 days (I: e 24hours) prior to dispatch.
7. The prices quoted can be changed if there is increase in fuel prices, or any extra charges levied by any government which is not in our control, any new traffic or Government rule.
8. Full door to door comprehensive land cargo insurance should be arranged by Shipper or Consignee. Afex can provide cargo insurance for truck accidents on request by Client up to a minimum value of SAR 150,000 per shipment with an extra charge of 0.71% of invoice value, & the insurance charges will be added in the invoice.
9. Free time for loading and unloading: 04 hours for loading and 04 hours for unloading shall be given free, thereafter SR 300 for Dyna. SR 400 for Lorry, SR. 500 for flatbed, SR 1500 for standard low bed trailer, SR 2000 for hydraulic low be trailer and SR 800 for 24 MTR extendable / Refer trailer per truck per day shall be charged as waiting time.
10. For restricted areas we request to have notice in advance but still it is responsibility of CLIENT to prepare the required gate passes, in advance, so detention of trucks involved can be controlled to help avoiding waiting time charges.
11. The rates are for land cargo transport service only. For the cargo of normal size and weight to the areas easily accessible for trucking operation excluding abrupt fall areas, sandy areas, mountains areas or other areas alike. Loading and unloading to be done by CLIENT personnel or its affiliates. These prices are not applicable to haul oversized/ overweight or flammable cargo.
12. The prices for oversized, overweight or flammable cargo, to desert or mountainous area can be quoted as and when required, on mutual discussion, based on the information provided by CLIENT at that time. Oversized or overweight cargo require road permits. Any penalty imposed by the Governmental authorities carrying such cargo without road permit would be borne by CLIENT. AFEX can prepare the road permits taking necessary information of the cargo from CLIENT in including photo of cargo (this is required by MOC) about 2 or 3 days in advance from Sunday to Thursday before 09:30 hours.
13. If job is cancelled by CLIENT or its affiliates while truck has been dispatched (running on the road toward loading point) or within 02 hours’ time after reaching the truck at loading point SR. 250 per dyna, SR. 400.00 per lorry, SR. 500.00 per flatbed, SR.1500.00 per lowbed would be charged.
14. All vehicles will carry PPE and fire Extinguisher.